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Rules set for the Holy Family Shrine are done in accordance with Church Law. They serve to protect the Shrine as a holy place but still allow the pilgrims who come to experience the beauty and grace of God with less distraction. The Shrine does not operate like a typical church or parish, which hopefully brings understanding as to why certain rules have been established for it.

Can we have a wedding at the Shrine? No weddings of any kind may take place at the Holy Family Shrine. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Can we schedule our own Sunday mass at the Shrine if we bring our own priest? Mass is not allowed to take place beginning 3pm on Saturday and lasting all the way through Sunday night. The Holy Family Shrine is not allowed to hold any masses that serve to fulfill “Sunday Obligation,” and no masses are allowed on Holy Days of Obligation.

Can we schedule a mass celebrating a wedding anniversary? May we also renew our vows? Masses celebrating anniversaries are permitted, however no Renewal of Vows ceremonies may take place at the Holy Family Shrine.

May we have our child baptized at the Holy Family Shrine? Baptisms are not allowed.

May we hold a memorial mass at the Shrine? Memorial masses are permitted however no remains of the deceased are allowed. 

What types of photography are permitted at the Shrine? Professional photography photo shoots are not permitted.  Wedding photography is not permitted inside the Chapel or anywhere on the grounds.  Engagement pictures are not permitted inside the Chapel.  They may be taken on the grounds during normal hours but can not disrupt other guests.  No pictures can be taken of any structure or landscape for purposes of displaying them on the internet or for profit making.  Photographers will cease taking pictures as soon as other visitors come into the Chapel.  Absoluely NO drones are permitted anywhere on the grounds.  Any Shrine Staff member can ask a photographer to stop picture taking.  If the the photographer resists, Shrine Staff can ask the photographer to leave the premises.  Resistance can be cause for calling law enforcement.

Is there a dress code?  Visitors should dress with the knowledge and respect for the spirituallity that the Shrine stands for.  If a Shrine staff member notices a visitor dressed inappropriately, the visitor will be reminded their dress isn't acceptable and they need to change into something else or leave the premises.  If a dispute arises, law enforcement will be called.

How much does it cost to see the Shrine? There is no charge to visit the Holy Family Shrine. The Shrine operates solely on the contributions from visitors. We so appreciate your support. Groups who wish to use the Shrine or be given a guided tour can call to schedule and then will be given information concerning charges for their event.

Is the Holy Family Shrine handicapped accessible? The Chapel, Visitor Center, and restrooms are handicapped accessible.

Does the Shrine have its own priest, or do we have to find our own for our mass? It is up to families and groups using the Shrine to schedule their own priest for masses. The Shrine does not have a priest in residence. All Priests must be approved before the Mass can be held. Call for more details.

Does the Shrine offer retreats? The Shrine is not structured to lead retreats for groups or individuals. Schools and groups may schedule to do their own retreats but first must get approval from the Shrine staff.

The Holy Family Shrine, Gretna, Nebraska